Pisa: All-Inclusive Guided Tour with Optional Leaning Tower
41 USD
Immerse yourself in the magic of Piazza dei Miracoli on a captivating guided stroll. Delve into the rich history of the magnificent cathedral, baptistery, and of course, the world-renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa. Take your experience to new heights by opting to ascend the tower (if ticket is selected).
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Practical info
Delve into the heart of Pisa on a captivating guided walking tour that unfolds the secrets of Piazza dei Miracoli. Step into the majestic Pisa Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, and marvel at its intricate decorations. Next, explore the colossal baptistery, renowned for its remarkable acoustics. But the pièce de résistance awaits – the iconic Leaning Tower, one of the world's most astounding wonders. If you dare, take the optional climb up the tower's 294 steps and be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the city. As you stroll through the 'Square of Miracles', your knowledgeable guide will regale you with tales of the tower's fascinating history. To further enrich your experience, your tour includes admission tickets to the monumental cemetery, the Sinopie Museum, and the OPA Museum, allowing you to discover more of Pisa's hidden gems at your leisure.