Lucca: Villa Reale di Marlia Entrance Ticket
19 USD
Embark on a fascinating journey through the opulent Villa Reale di Marlia, surrounded by a breathtaking 16-hectare tapestry of gardens showcasing various styles from different eras. As you delve deeper, uncover the hidden treasures of not one, but two captivating museums nestled within this stunning estate.
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Practical info
Discover the grandeur of the Villa Reale, sprawling across 16 hectares of lush gardens and historic architecture that will transport you back in time. Take a sensory journey along the scented path, where the fragrances will evoke the past in a truly unique way. Equipped with your map and audio guide, venture into the twin houses, two iconic theaters - the Water Theatre and the Green Theatre, a European first where the renowned violinist Niccolò Paganini once performed for the esteemed Elisa Baciocchi. Stroll through the charming Lemon Garden and the exotic Spanish Garden of Deco. Be sure to explore the historic landmarks, including the adjacent Villa del Vescovo and the enchanting Nymphaeum, Pan's Grotto, as well as the elegant Clock House with its breathtaking loggia offering panoramic views. Conclude your tour by delving into the opulent apartments of Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi within the Royal Villa, a premier example of Empire-style architecture in Europe. Finally, visit the exclusive collections of Countess Mimì Pecci Blunt, showcased within the refined Clock House.