Lucca: Pasta Cooking Class with a Local Chef
151 USD
Embark on a culinary adventure through the flavors and traditions of Tuscany! This unforgettable experience will delve into the essence of Italian cuisine, revealing the secrets of this rich gastronomic heritage. Following the cooking lesson, indulge in the fruits of your labor, paired with a selection of fine wines to complete the authentic Tuscan experience.
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Practical info
Step into the rustic charm of a historic farmhouse nestled in the rolling hills around Lucca, where the joy of cooking is a celebrated art form. As you enter the farmhouse, you'll be enveloped by the tantalizing aromas of traditional Tuscan cuisine, crafted from the freshest ingredients harvested from the on-site organic garden. Under the expert guidance of Antonietta, you'll embark on a culinary adventure like no other. "Get ready to redefine your relationship with the humble tomato!" Learn the art of crafting authentic, fresh pasta from scratch, from mixing to shaping, under Antonietta's watchful eye. Discover the secrets of creating the perfect pasta sauce, infused with the love and care of a true Italian nonna. The main ingredient? A pinch of love and a dash of calm, just like grandma used to make. Gather around the farmhouse table, surrounded by the warmth of new friendships and the sound of laughter. Savor a delightful selection of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, crispy bruschetta, and garden-fresh vegetable delicacies, all carefully prepared by Antonietta. Then, indulge in the pasta dish you helped create, followed by a decadent dessert. To complete the culinary journey, pair your meal with a glass of local wine and finish with a refreshing shot of homemade limoncello.