Florence: Reserved Entry Ticket to the Boboli Gardens
14 USD
Tucked away behind the majestic Pitti Palace lies a tranquil oasis - the stunning Boboli Gardens. Conceived as a private haven for the esteemed Medici family, these gardens are a pioneering example of Italian landscaping. Stroll through this outdoor museum at your own pace, courtesy of a convenient timed-entry ticket that ensures a hassle-free visit.
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Practical info
These magnificent gardens unfold over a vast expanse, creating an open-air museum of sorts, where intricate Renaissance statues, mysterious grottoes, and majestic fountains await discovery. As you meander through the various winding pathways, you'll be transported to a bygone era, evoking the splendor and opulence of life in a royal court. Tucked away near the entrance of the Boboli Garden and at the end of the Vasari Corridor lies the enchanting Grotta del Buontalenti. This artificial cave is a marvel, boasting an array of false stalactites and stalagmites, accompanied by an assortment of statues, including sheep, shepherds, and ancient Roman goddesses.