Otranto: 1.5-Hour Guided Walking Tour
186 USD
Stroll through the picturesque heart of Otranto alongside a knowledgeable local, and uncover the rich history and stunning scenery that define this captivating coastal town. As you wander, soak up the tranquil atmosphere and let the charms of Otranto leave you enchanted.
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Practical info
Uncover the charm of Otranto, a hidden gem in Italy, alongside a knowledgeable local guide. Perched on the easternmost tip of the country's heel, this captivating town has long been regarded as the entrance to Italy. As you stroll through its historic center, your guide will regale you with tales of Otranto's fascinating history. During your leisurely walking tour, marvel at the town's quaint architecture, including ancient churches and colorful buildings that have earned Otranto its reputation as a picturesque haven. Be sure to take in the imposing 15th-century Aragonese castle, whose towers and fortifications once protected the city, and visit the stunning Cathedral of the Annunciation, featuring an exquisite mosaic. As you wander, catch breathtaking glimpses of the crystal-clear sea, where the town harmoniously blends with its stunning surroundings.