Manarola: Cinque Terre Wine Tasting
32 USD
Indulge in a captivating evening at a charming wine bar in Manarola, where you'll have the opportunity to savor three exceptional local wines. Complement your wine tasting experience with some delectable local delicacies and discover the rich history and variety behind Cinque Terre's esteemed winemaking traditions.
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Practical info
Uncover the secrets of Manarola and indulge in the renowned Cinque Terre wines. Savor three distinctive varieties, expertly paired with local delights, while uncovering the rich history and time-honored traditions behind the region's esteemed winemaking practices. Step into a beautifully restored wine cellar, nestled in the heart of Manarola, overlooking the picturesque harbor. This vibrant Bar-Enoteca is a hub for socializing, wine appreciation, and live music, serving up delectable local cuisine in a lively atmosphere. Here, you'll embark on a wine tasting journey, featuring three exceptional local varieties. First, delve into the crisp Cinque Terre white wine DOC, followed by the bold flavors of Cinque Terre red wine IGT, and finally, treat your senses to the world-famous Sciacchetrà, a sweet and velvety dessert wine. To complement your wine tasting experience, a selection of light bites will be served, ensuring an unforgettable evening of taste, culture, and merriment in this breathtaking region.