Cinque Terre: Wine Tasting and Walking Tour
78 USD
Indulge in a multi-sensory adventure in the charming Italian village of Manarola, where the rustic hills and scenic vineyards set the stage for an unforgettable wine tasting experience. As you wander through the lush vineyards, you'll not only savor some of the region's finest wines, but also delve into the rich history and tradition of winemaking in the area. This immersive journey will awaken your senses and leave you with a deeper appreciation for the region's vinous heritage.
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Practical info
Indulge your senses in a unique wine tasting adventure in Manarola, where you'll discover the nuances of three distinct Cinque Terre white wines. Through a multisensory experience, you'll uncover the delights of these exceptional wines, accompanied by artisanal Ligurian focaccia and Taggiasca olives. As you sip and savor, the ambiance, complete with carefully curated music and lighting, will transport you to the heart of the wine country. Your knowledgeable guide, an expert sommelier fluent in English and Italian, will regale you with the rich history and anecdotes of the region, bringing the wines to life. After the tasting, take a leisurely stroll along a picturesque path, surrounded by lush vineyards, culminating in a breathtaking panoramic view of Manarola. This exceptional experience promises to deepen your appreciation for the art of winemaking and leave you with unforgettable memories.