Como: Cooking Class at a Local's Home
193 USD
Immerse yourself in local culinary traditions with an intimate cooking experience in a cozy home setting. Guided by a skilled home chef, discover the secrets of authentic regional recipes and savor the fruits of your labor, accompanied by a selection of fine wines.
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Practical info
Step into a local's home and uncover the secrets of regional cuisine at an immersive cooking class. Learn the art of preparing authentic dishes from a seasoned cook, and savor the fruits of your labor paired with a selection of local wines. With your workstation equipped with all the necessary utensils and ingredients, put your culinary skills to the test as you prepare three traditional recipes. The cook will share expert tips and tricks to ensure your dishes turn out authentic and delicious. Then, indulge in a wine-paired lunch, enjoying the creations you've made. Instead of cluttering your suitcase with souvenirs, bring back a lifelong skill - the art of Italian cooking. Cherish the memories and flavors of your culinary journey, long after you've left.