Rome: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and Basilica Tour
92 USD
Join a guided tour of the Vatican with fast-track access. Explore the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica.
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Practical info
Embark on a fascinating journey through the heart of Christianity with a guided stroll through the revered halls of the Vatican. This comprehensive walking tour takes you through the iconic Vatican Museums, the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, and the majestic St. Peter's Basilica. Start your adventure in the picturesque Pine Courtyard and Belvedere Courtyard, followed by a stroll through the stunning Gallery of the Maps, Candelabra Gallery, and Pio Clementino's Rooms. Be mesmerized by the exquisite Tapestry Gallery and, if you're taking an early morning tour, the sublime Raphael Rooms. Your expert guide will lead you through the Vatican's hidden gems, uncovering secrets and surprises that often elude other visitors. As you wander through the Vatican's corridors, you'll discover a treasure trove of artistic and historical wonders. Finally, pay your respects to Michelangelo's breathtaking Pietà at St. Peter's Basilica, before concluding your unforgettable tour at the Sistine Chapel.