Alberobello e-bike tour. Visit a donkey farm and a mill
118 USD
Ride through the countryside of Alberobello. Cross an oak forest. Caress a Martina Franca donkey. Discover how wheat is transformed into flour in an ancient mill. Taste the homemade Apulian focaccia.
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Practical info
The e-bike tour starts in the old town of Alberobello Ride through the countryside and a oak forest Visit a donkey farm in Martina Franca and pamper these incorrigible heartbreakers Be enchanted by the trulli Move to a historic family-owned mill See the different machines in operation and learn about all the processing steps that lead from grain to flour Learn to recognize by sight and touch the different types of flour Taste a homemade focaccia with flour of ancient grains Experience the world behind a single bag of flour Back to the starting point to enjoy the fairytale village of Alberobello