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Venice: Vivaldi's Four Seasons Concert & Music Museum Visit
37 USD
Delve into the fascinating realm of music at Venice's iconic Museum of Music, where a stunning collection of 200 authentic instruments awaits. Imagine the sounds that fill the air as you wander through the exhibits, and then, experience the magic firsthand with a live concert featuring the masterpieces. The highlight of your visit? A breathtaking performance of Vivaldi's timeless Four Seasons, a true Venetian classic.
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Imagine wandering through the enchanting city of Venice, an open-air museum filled with unforgettable treasures. Experience the magic of this unique journey as it takes you to the picturesque church of San Vidal, nestled between the Accademia Galleries and St. Mark's Square, just a 10-minute stroll from the iconic Rialto Bridge. Here, immerse yourself in the sweet melodies of Vivaldi's Four Seasons and other masterpieces performed by the renowned Interpreti Veneziani, a baroque orchestra that has been delighting audiences for 35 years. But that's not all - with this ticket, you'll also gain free admission to the fascinating Museo della Musica di Venezia, showcasing an impressive collection of 200 original musical instruments crafted between 1600 and 1900. Marvel at the exquisite creations from the esteemed Stradivari School of Cremona, including the works of Bergonzi and Amati, as well as the beautiful Venetian instruments, such as the violin of Matteo Goffriller, the renowned violin maker who collaborated with the legendary Antonio Vivaldi, also known as the Red Priest.