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Venice: Lords of the Night Prison’s Palace Cells & Tortures
16 USD
Delve into the dark past of the Venetian Republic's notorious prisons, among the oldest in Europe. Join a guided small group tour that takes you through the foreboding cells and the eerie torture chambers where the legendary Casanova was once detained by the Lords of the Nights.
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Embark on a unique adventure through hidden gems that have remained unexplored until now. Delve into the grand courtroom and eerie cells of the ancient prisons in Piazza San Marco, and uncover the fascinating stories that lie within. Step into the shoes of a former inmate and discover the harsh realities of life behind bars: what they ate, drank, and where they rested their weary heads. Marvel at the authentic graffiti scrawled by former prisoners, and relive the daring escape of the notorious Casanova. As you wander through the cold, stone walls, you'll uncover the myths and legends that still whisper through the corridors. Learn about the powerful Council of The Ten, a group of elite Venetian politicians who oversaw the city's justice system, wielding significant influence over the Venetian domains. Today, the prison's majestic palace, with its stunning views of the Riva Degli Schiavoni, is home to the Artistic Circle, a vibrant hub offering a diverse range of cultural experiences and concerts. Yet, as you stroll through the ancient prison's hallowed halls, the rich history still echoes through the air.