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From Venice: Murano & Burano Guided Tour by Private Boat
39 USD
Set sail for a memorable adventure to the enchanting islands of Murano and Burano, where centuries-old craftsmanship comes alive. Observe skilled artisans at their workbenches, injecting life into delicate lace and vibrant glass creations. Wander through the charming streets, discovering hidden gems and souvenirs that reflect the essence of Venetian excellence.
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Step off the beaten path in Venice and uncover the hidden gems of Murano and Burano, two enchanting islands that will transport you back in time. Get a glimpse of traditional artisanal skills that have been passed down through generations, and experience the authentic charm of these picturesque islands. A scenic boat ride will take you to Murano, the renowned island of glassblowers, where you'll be regaled with tales of the island's fascinating history. Learn about the legendary Murano glassmakers, whose skills were so highly prized that they were forbidden from leaving Venice under penalty of death. Watch in awe as a master craftsman demonstrates the intricate art of glassmaking, and listen as they explain the mesmerizing process of transforming silica sand into exquisite glass works of art. You'll even have the opportunity to explore the island's vast collection of stunning glass creations. Next, sail to the tiny island of Burano, famous for its brightly-hued houses clustered along the canals and streets. Delve into the centuries-old tradition of lace-making, and visit a local workshop where skilled artisans continue to weave intricate lace using traditional techniques. Your guide will enlighten you about this vanishing art, and you'll have the chance to follow in the footsteps of Michelangelo and select your own unique souvenir. Alternatively, wander the narrow streets, indulging in sweet treats from local bakeries. This carefully curated excursion intentionally omits Torcello, allowing you to spend more time exploring the wonders of Murano and Burano, with less time spent traveling or trekking inland.