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Perugia: 2-Hour Private Walking Tour
156 USD
Explore Perugia, the charming capital of Umbria, located in the hills on the bank of the River Tiber. With the help of an expert guide, the Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval heritage of the historic city center will come to life on this private walking tour.
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The historic journey begins in Piazza IV Novembre, in the city center, where you will pass the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. The tour then continues through various medieval streets to the Renaissance fortress of Rocca Paolina, which displayed the power of Pope Paul III. Since then, the ancient Etruscan, Roman, and Medieval heritage has been destroyed or preserved in underground galleries that are accessible to the public. Continue to the Maggiore fountain, which was built in 1278. Read the Latin inscriptions of the fountain and learn the history of the craftsmen and their role in creating this monumental medieval fountain. The fountain displays multiple iconographies, such as 50 bas-reliefs and 24 statues. Next, stop in the Palazzo dei Priori, which was the seat of the city government in the Middle Ages and is now the municipal seat of Perugia. Explore the Gothic building and pass the griffin and lion at its entrance.