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Lunch and tasting 5 wines + walk in the panoramic vineyards
49 USD
Embark on a culinary adventure that will delight your senses as you savor the rich flavors of Umbrian cuisine, perfectly paired with the distinctive aromas and tastes of SAIO Assisi wines. This gastronomic journey will transport you to the heart of Assisi, where you'll uncover the region's time-honored traditions and cultural heritage.
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Step into the picturesque world of Umbrian wine production and indulge in a delectable lunch amidst lush vineyards, only a stone's throw away from the revered Basilica of Saint Francis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Meet the Mencarelli family, renowned for their exceptional wines and premium extra virgin olive oil, crafted with love and care over the decades. On this 2.5-hour culinary journey, meander through the rolling vineyards and delve into the fascinating realm of Umbrian wines. As you savor each bite, a guided wine tasting of five exquisite wines will enlighten you about the production process. Your gastronomic experience will feature an array of delectable delights, including: * Crunchy bruschetta infused with rich SAIO extra virgin olive oil * Handcrafted Pecorino cheese paired with SAIO Grape Jam * Decadent Caciotta cheese infused with black truffle * Savory chickpeas salad or Lentils soup * Tender cured meats from free-range areas * Slow-roasted handmade Porchetta * Flaky, lightly salted Umbrian flatbread (Torta al Testo) * Traditional Umbrian desserts to round off the meal