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Gubbio: Market Tour and 4-Course Meal
151 USD
Delve into the heart of Gubbio's bustling market scene and indulge in a unique culinary encounter in a local's home, hosted by an experienced home chef. Savor an intimate lunch or dinner experience, featuring an interactive cooking demonstration that showcases authentic regional recipes, perfectly paired with a selection of local wines.
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Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Italy with a local culinary expert in Gubbio, who will sharing treasured family recipes that have been lovingly passed down through the generations. The adventure begins at a bustling local market, where you'll soak up the vibrant atmosphere and learn the art of selecting the freshest ingredients. Next, step into your host's cozy home, where a private cooking demonstration awaits. Watch as they bring their family's secret cookbook to life, preparing a delectable dish before your eyes. Then, gather around the table to savor a 4-course seasonal feast, featuring an assortment of starters, pasta, main courses, and decadent desserts. Quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of water, red or white wine, or a rich cup of coffee. As you indulge in the flavors of Italy, you'll feel the warmth of authentic hospitality, connecting with the locals and forging unforgettable memories.