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Milan: Leonardo3 The World of Leonardo Museum Entry Ticket
16 USD
Delve into the inventive mind of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci at Milan's captivating Leonardo3 exhibit. With your admission ticket, uncover the fascinating world of this iconic polymath and experience the artistic and scientific innovations that define the Italian Renaissance.
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Practical info
Step into the fascinating world of Leonardo da Vinci at the 'Leonardo3' exhibition, where his groundbreaking inventions and art come alive in a unique interactive experience. Marvel at digitized restorations and 3D recreations of his pioneering designs, meticulously recreated from his original manuscripts. For a deeper dive into the exhibits, consider adding an audio guide to your visit, which provides insightful commentary on the extraordinary displays. Get hands-on with working models of Da Vinci's machines, including a mesmerizing mechanical dragonfly. Meanwhile, kids can unleash their creativity in a special workshop, where they can design an inventor's certificate or build a sturdy bridge using wooden components. The exhibition also features a remarkable digital rendition of "The Last Supper", allowing visitors to appreciate the intricate details of this iconic mural in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Be prepared to be inspired by the sheer genius of Leonardo da Vinci.