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Pompeii: Skip-the-line-Ticket and Guided Tour
58 USD
Explore the Unesco World Heritage site of Pompeii with an archaeologist guide. Admire artworks, mosaics, and frescoes while learning about the story behind the site.
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Are you ready to time travel? Back to Roman times on a guided tour of Pompeii. Explore this famous Unesco World Heritage site with an expert guide and a skip the line entry. Discover the city preserved by volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. Start by visiting the Porta Marina Superiore, one of the city’s seven gates. Walk the main streets and wander around the forum, the heart of Pompeii. Admire views of Mount Vesuvius overlooking the city. Discover the baths and temples, as well as a bakery, the great theater, and a brothel. See well-preserved artworks, mosaics, and frescoes throughout the city. Listen to anecdotes and learn about the ancient inhabitants from your guide. Don't miss the chance to book the semiprivate option: a guided tour with a maximum of 12 people.