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Naples: Authentic Italian Pizza-Making Workshop with Drinks
46 USD
Learn how to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza at a class with a local chef in Naples. Hear about traditional cooking techniques, taste local ingredients, and enjoy a drink with your homemade pizza.
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Practical info
Roll up your sleeves and take part in a pizza-making workshop in the former Margherita's Salon in Naples. Learn about traditional cooking techniques with a local chef leading the way. Get an authentic taste of local ingredients and enjoy a drink with your own homemade pizza. Arrive at the pizza workshop, located in the former Margherita's Salon, the first Chantant café in Italy. It is named after the queen, to whom they dedicated the pizza. Enjoy cooking in a place of historical and cultural value, located in the Palace of the Umberto Gallery in Naples. Begin the class by receiving your apron and creating the dough. Follow along the process of creating the dough while learning about ingredients and techniques. Cut the dough using a traditional 600-year-old technique called mozzatura. Savor a local starter with organic and fresh products. Hear about the benefits of cooking with quality ingredients as you stretch your pizza dough and add the sauce and toppings. Put the final touches on your Margherita pizza, then pop it in a Neapolitan oven to crisp to a golden brown. Finish your day by enjoying your fresh pizza with a drink. Receive a personalized pizza diploma to take home after the class.