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Matera: Walking tour with entries in Cave House and Church
59 USD
Discover the charming Matera on this walking tour through the lanes of Sassi, one of the oldest cities in the world and visit their cave house museum and 13th-century Rupestrian churche.
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Practical info
At first glance, Matera looks like any small Italian town, but in few steps from Baroque Churches and boutiques you will discover the very special place called Sassi, where the peaple lived from Neolithic Period until the 50 th of the last centuary. Join your local and expert guide in the center of the city where this fascinating tour of Sassi will begin. Learn about its unique history and evolution. Discover rupestrian stuctures, stroll the narrow lanes and gain the deeper understanding of how this town, once called the "shame of Italy" , is now a UNESCO - world heritage. Have an oportunity to visit a cave house and an ancient rupestrian church with entiries included in price, to discover and understand how the simple peaple lived in Sassi for many centuaries. Admire the panoramic view of the Murgia Materana Park from the balconies and learn about the origins of Matera, one ot the oldest Cities in the world.