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Matera: Dining Experience at a Local's Home
112 USD
Indulge in a lavish 4-course culinary journey, where the boundaries between chef and guest blur. As you savor each dish, you'll be treated to an intimate cooking demonstration, revealing the intricacies of traditional Italian cuisine. Your host, a guardian of family recipes passed down through generations, will share their treasured wisdom, giving you a glimpse into the heart of Italian cooking.
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Step into the warm and welcoming home of your local host and embark on an unforgettable private dining adventure. Savor the rich flavors of Italy through authentic, family-cherished recipes that have been lovingly passed down through generations of Italian matriarchs. As you watch your host prepare each dish with love and care, you'll feel the warmth of Italian hospitality wash over you. The cooking demonstration is an intimate and exclusive experience, with your host sharing the secrets of their treasured family cookbook as they work their culinary magic. When the meal is ready, take a seat at a traditional Italian dining table and indulge in a delectable 4-course seasonal menu, featuring a starter, pasta, main course with a side dish, and a sweet dessert to round off the evening. As the evening draws to a close, you'll not only take home your very own official apron but also cherish the memories of this special experience for years to come.