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Matera: Crypt of the Original Sin Ticket and Transfer
49 USD
Step back in time at the Crypt of the Original Sin, a natural cave adorned with stunning biblical frescoes from the 8th century. Enjoy an included ticket, audio guide, and return transfer from Matera.
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Practical info
Discover the beautiful frescoes in the Crypt of the Original Sin with an included ticket and transfer from Matera. Learn about the history of this ancient cave and its captivating art with an audio guide. Meet your driver at the meeting point in Matera, then drive for approximately 20 minutes to the crypt in an air-conditioned minivan. Upon arrival, enter the natural cave and prepare to be amazed by rock paintings that date from the 8th century. See various depictions of biblical scenes, including the one of Adam and Eve that gives the crypt its name. Hear how the cave was used as a church by Benedictine monks, and find out how the frescos showcase typical properties of Benedictine art at the time. After your tour of the crypt, you'll return to Matera and be dropped off at the original meeting point.