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Matera: Six Course Truffle Tasting Experience
48 USD
Indulge in the gourmet delights of Matera's city center at our charming truffle boutique. Savor the authentic flavors of Puglia's rich culinary heritage, and marvel at the prized black diamond of Basilicata - the exquisite truffle. This sublime delicacy is waiting to be discovered, combined with the region's signature recipes that will leave you craving for more.
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Indulge in a 6-course culinary journey dedicated to the king of fungi - the truffle. Savor each bite of this exquisite tasting experience, which includes: * Crunchy Matera bread croutons infused with rich truffle creams and sauces * Savory truffle salami, perfect for satisfying your cravings * A selection of artisanal cheeses, expertly seasoned with truffles to delight your senses * Fresh dairy delights, including stracciatella and ricotta, elevated by the unmistakable flavor of truffle * A decadent bull's eye egg, topped with the prized black truffle for an unforgettable taste * Sweet panna cotta, indulgently infused with truffle honey and garnished with shaved black truffle for a sublime finish Throughout this gastronomic adventure, an expert will share their in-depth knowledge, providing insightful explanations that will deepen your appreciation for this prized ingredient.