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Matera: hike on the path of rock churches
74 USD
Discover different rock churches exclusively run by Crea Experience, dated back to the IX-XII century. Guided hike with a licensed local guide. Total duration, transfer included is 4h.
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Practical info
The heart of the Park of the Murgia Materana, also called the Historical Natural Park of the Rock Churches, is a treasure chest that holds evidence of ancient devotion. The Mediterranean scrubland opens up to reveal places of worship and cavities used for funerary purposes, skilfully dug into the rock, whose first traces date back to the Bronze Age and then resumed during the last millennium. The so-called 'negative architecture' still astonishes today and never ceases to be the subject of research and study. The rocky conformation is the protagonist and not just the backdrop of this fascinating human enterprise, in a synergic man-nature relationship that will be at the basis of the recognition of these places as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1993 and is spread across some of the most spectacular rock scenary in the world. Far from mass tourism and the main roads, just a few kilometres from the city, an hike will allow us to enjoy a unique experience along the Matera ravine, amidst Byzantine rock-hewn churches, tombs and dry-stone walls. The 'Vie del Rupestre' route combines extra-urban rock churches, making it an ideal cultural visit for those who crave a unique experience in the open air. It is perfect for the curious and those who want to veer away from stereotypical postcard images. Rock churches can only be visited through or thanks to Crea Experience, which is dedicated to managing the sites with respect for history and the environment, to further safeguard and enhance the rocky surroundings of Matera. Discover the ways of rocks and caves, where trekking and history collide. A private bus will make it easy to reach the starting point and a local guide will lead us to discover these places of the soul, with an hike of about 3 hours - stops included - for a total of 6 km. 5The tour is not available for people under 18 years old.