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Matera: Guided Tour of the 3 Crypts with Entry Tickets
118 USD
Embark on a spiritual journey through the picturesque countryside of Matera, where ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes converge. This unique guided tour will take you off the beaten path to uncover three lesser-known religious treasures. Be awestruck by the mysterious Crypt of Original Sin, revel in the beauty of the Church of Madonna della Palomba, and delve into the historic significance of the Crypt of San Michele Arcangelo. Each of these hidden gems holds a unique story and charm, waiting to be discovered.
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As we delve into the historic heart of this fascinating region, your expert driver will accompany you to the enchanting Crypt of Original Sin. This ancient cave, once a ninth-century church for Benedictine monks, boasts an intricate array of frescoes crafted by the skilled hand of the renowned "Painter of Flowers of Matera". After being rediscovered in 1963 by a group of passionate locals, this hidden gem has become an unmissable highlight of the European Capital of Culture's 2019 itinerary. Next, we'll make our way to the picturesque Church of Madonna della Palomba, where you'll uncover a network of hidden underground spaces, including the Neviera, Refectory, Cellar, Cistern, and Kitchen. Finally, we'll venture to the Crypt of San Michele Arcangelo, tucked away within the charming Masseria Jesce in Altamura. This medieval treasure trove dating back to the 14th century features a stunning "deesis" – an iconic Byzantine artwork attributed to Giovanni da Taranto – as well as a series of vibrant wall panels depicting scenes from the Marian cycle, crafted by Didaco de Simone in the 17th century. Please note that the order of our exciting itinerary may vary.