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Matera: Cooking Class and Farmer's Lunch in Sassi Cave
75 USD
Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Italian culture with a unique culinary adventure in the ancient caves of Matera. Take part in an interactive pasta-making or focaccia-baking workshop, where you'll learn the secrets of traditional Italian cuisine from skilled artisans. After working up an appetite, savor a delicious lunch at a local farm, surrounded by the warm hospitality of a family-run estate. This unforgettable experience will leave you with lifelong memories and a deeper appreciation for the art of Italian cooking.
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Immerse yourself in a culinary escapade amidst the ancient Sassi caves of Matera, where a farmer's lunch experience and hands-on pasta or Focaccia workshop await. Learn the art of crafting authentic, time-honored dishes, born from the land of fresh pasta, and savor the fruits of your labor accompanied by a glass of wine. As you find yourself enveloped in the mystical ambiance of a cave, surrounded by ancient stone walls that whisper secrets of the past, the excitement builds. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands flour-dusted as expert chefs guide you through the intricacies of crafting fresh pasta and baking authentic Focaccia. Join this interactive culinary adventure, designed to spark your creativity and leave you with newfound culinary expertise. From kneading the dough to shaping those delicate pasta pieces, master the time-tested techniques passed down through generations of local culinary artisans. Next, uncover the magic of preparing traditional dishes perfected by local farmers over the centuries. Using the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, discover the perfect harmony of flavors that elevate these dishes to culinary masterpieces. As the flavors tantalize your palate, you'll be reminded of the rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions that have shaped Matera's gastronomic identity.