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Gravina di Laterza: discover the largest Canyon in Europe
43 USD
Whether you are a nature lover or simply curious to explore unique places, the discovery of the Gravina di Laterza represents a unique opportunity to come into wild nature of this land.
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Explore and fall in love with this pristine piece of Puglia that embodies an extraordinary geological heritage, delicious cuisine and a lifestyle that reflects the warm and hospitable soul of its inhabitants. During the excursion the Guide will tell you the history and peculiar characteristics of this ravine and in a special moment of the experience, you will take a break to taste the organic oil with Laterza bread, savoring the authentic tastes and aromas of the Land of the Gravine . This ravine is considered one of the largest canyons in Europe. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, it has been sculpted over the millennia by the erosion of the limestone rocks, offering us today a unique experience for nature and adventure lovers: a truly fairy-tale setting that enchants visitors with its evocative majesty. You can walk along the paths carved by the ravine and enjoy spectacular views on an exciting journey through time and beauty. Let yourself be transported by this incredible natural creation with unique paths between its vertical walls forming a canvas on which a thousand-year-old geological history unfolds. As you venture into this fascinating ecosystem, let yourself be transported by this incredible natural creation with unique routes that will take you through the winding paths that open up between the canyon walls. Observe the surrounding flora and fauna carefully: here you can spot botanical rarities and animals that make this place a true paradise for birdwatching, nature photography and herbal medicine enthusiasts. Explore the Gravina di Laterza and experience an adventure that will leave you enchanted and with the desire to return again and again. We are waiting for you to show you the hidden treasures of this unique place in the world. You will also be able to try out the 3D viewer with which you will have an all-encompassing experience that will allow you to reach the most inaccessible places in the area. Book your adventure in the Gravina di Laterza now and get ready to live an unforgettable experience!