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Bari: eBike Excursion to the Mercadante Forest
129 USD
Embark on an electrifying experience as you explore the breathtaking Mercadante forest on an e-bike, led by a knowledgeable guide. This exhilarating adventure is designed for cyclists of all levels, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey through nature's splendor.
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Embark on an exhilarating e-bike adventure through the captivating Mercadante Forest, just a stone's throw from Bari! Nestled at the southern tip of the stunning Alta Murgia National Park, this expansive natural haven boasts awe-inspiring vistas, vibrant Mediterranean flora, and an unforgettable blend of excitement and local heritage. Meet us in Acquaviva delle Fonti, where our expert guide will lead the way, navigating us through the intricate forest trails, pointing out hidden gems and regaling us with captivating tales of the region's rich history and ecological wonders. As we ride, the invigorating breeze and scenic views will leave you fully immersed in the great outdoors. We'll arrive at Mercadante, the vibrant heart of the forest, where you'll have the chance to indulge in authentic Pugliese delicacies, treating your taste buds to the region's unique flavors. Following this culinary delight, we'll hop back on our e-bikes and begin our leisurely return journey along the picturesque outbound trail, winding past charming dry stone walls that whisper ancient secrets. If you're a fan of hiking, cycling tours, and the thrill of experiential cycling, this excursion is tailor-made for you! Join us for a day of adventure, discovery, and excitement amidst the untamed beauty of the Mercadante Forest. Experience Puglia in a unique and unforgettable way, where every pedal stroke weaves together history, nature, and unforgettable memories. We can't wait to share this exceptional cycling experience with you!