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Altamura: Private Guided City Walking Tour
269 USD
Delve into the charming world of Altamura with a guided stroll through its historic streets. As you wander, discover the fascinating story behind this city's iconic bread, a staple that has put Altamura on the culinary map. Be awestruck by the stunning cathedral, explore the picturesque historic center, and get a behind-the-scenes look at a traditional wood-fired oven, where the magic of bread-making comes alive.
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Unravel the charms of Altamura's medieval heart, where the majestic cathedral, commissioned by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, takes center stage. The historic center itself is renowned for its unique, perfectly circular layout, but it's the stunning cloisters that truly steal the show, reflecting the rich cultural fusion that has defined this captivating city over the centuries. And for a taste of local tradition, step into one of the wood-fired ovens to uncover the secrets behind Altamura's celebrated bread.