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Altamura: Cooking Class at a Local's Home
156 USD
Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the local culture with an intimate cooking experience in a genuine home setting. Under the guidance of a certified home cook, discover the secrets of traditional recipes and savour the fruits of your labour, accompanied by a selection of fine wines.
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Step into the heart of local culinary traditions with an immersive cooking class in a cozy home setting. Discover the secrets behind the region's iconic dishes and savor the fruits of your labor, perfectly paired with a selection of local wines. Under the guidance of a skilled cook, unlock the techniques behind three beloved regional recipes. Put your culinary skills to the test in a fully equipped workstation, complete with all the necessary utensils and ingredients. The best part? Enjoy the delicious dishes you've prepared, accompanied by a curated selection of local wines. Ditch the souvenir shopping and return home with a lifelong gift – the art of Italian cooking.