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Venice: Hard Rock Cafe with Set Menu for Lunch or Dinner
30 USD
Step into the vibrant heartbeat of Venice and indulge in a culinary experience like no other at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. Nestled in the city's historic core, this iconic eatery has been a magnet for visitors and locals alike since 2009. As you soak up the enchanting atmosphere of La Serenissima, savor the flavors that have made this world-renowned restaurant a beloved hotspot.
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Beat the crowds and indulge in a VIP experience at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe in the enchanting city of Venice! Savor a meal in style amidst one of Europe's most captivating destinations. Choose from an array of mouth-watering dishes: Opt for our 2-course Gold Menu, featuring: • A mouth-watering main course: - Legendary burger - Moving Mountains burger - Grilled chicken sandwich - Chicken caesar salad - Twisted mac, chicken, and cheese pasta - BBQ pulled pork sandwich - Tupelo chicken tenders Plus, satisfy your sweet tooth with a rich Brownie for dessert! Alternatively, treat yourself to our 3-course Diamond Menu: Start with a delectable appetizer: • Caesar or house salad • Shareable Nachos ( ideal for 3-4 guests) Followed by your preferred main course: • Legendary burger • Moving Mountains burger • Smoked BBQ combo • Grilled salmon • Twisted mac, chicken, and cheese pasta • Steak salad • BBQ chicken Indulge in a decadent Chocolate cake for dessert! Complete your meal with a refreshing beverage: • Soft drink, coffee, or tea