Theater of Taormina: Entrance Ticket and Smart Audio Guide
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Take a plunge into the past and explore the iconic Taormina. Receive your ticket and instructions for downloading your smart audio guide via whatsapp, no need to go to the ticket office!
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Practical info
To a man who had to spend only one day in Sicily and asked what to visit, I would undoubtedly answer "Taormina" [...] To see the Greek theater and watch the sunset. The latter is so wonderfully located that there cannot be another place in the whole world comparable to it!” Thus wrote the writer and traveler of the Grand Tour Guy de Maupassant at the end of the 19th century. The original building of the theater dates back to the III century. BC, a period in which the ancient Taormina, called "Tauromenion" was still a Greek city, but its current appearance is that of a Roman theater. The greatest imprint was in fact left by the renovations of the II-III century. A.D. There were also numerous subsequent renovations that transformed it first into an arena and then into a noble palace. The uniqueness of the place and its incomparable beauty have preserved its vitality intact. A smart audio guide, directly on your cell phone, will guide you to discover the city's most important archaeological evidence.