Taormina: Audio Guide Sightseeing Tour on Your Smartphone
Discover the hilltop town of Taormina with an audio guide on your phone. Follow a GPS-enabled app as you explore, taking in dramatic views of Mount Etna, wandering along perfectly preserved medieval streets, and more.
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Practical info
Get a sense of the rich blend of cultures that have made Sicily what it is today on this audio guided tour of Tormina. Gain a new appreciation for the heritage, art, and traditions of beautiful Taormina. Learn useful skills like how to recognize a 15th-century palace Download the the tour, pop in your headphones, and step back in time to the arrival of the Greeks almost two and half thousand years ago. Journey thorugh the arrival of the the Romans, the Arabs and, eventually, the Spanish. See how each culture left their own discernible mark on this charming town overlooking Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Have an opportunity to see some of Taormina’s highlights and to soak up the atmosphere of typical Sicilian life. Find out why this little town has so much to offer. Star in the southern part of the town with magnificent views over Mount Etna and the sea below. Venture into the city one of the entrances to the original ancient city, Porta Catania. Hear about the history, archaeology and customs that remain preserved in Taormina. Soak up the vibe on Corso Umberto, with its stores and cafes. Visit the beautiful square, Piazza di Duomo and learn the significance of the statue of a female centaur gazing down from the top of the fountain. Uncover how Taormina came to adopt this centaur as the town symbol. See the well-preserved Duomo di Taormina, the main church. Be shown how the cultures that intermingled over the centuries are reflected in this important monument’s architectural styles. Wander down Vicolo Stretto, the narrowest street in Taormina. Find out how to correctly order cannoli, a sweet Sicilian delicacy. Be treated to one of the most captivating panoramas in Sicily at Piazza IX Aprile. View a building that was once a church and now is a shop where you can also have cooking lessons. Learn about Palazzo Corvaja, a palace that was built in the 10th century and still inhabited until relatively recent times. Appreciate layers of history at the Church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, which was built upon the remains of a Roman theatre with an ancient Greek and Roman road beneath it. Soak up breathtaking panoramic views. Follow the town’s pedestrianized main street, Corso Umberto, to another original entrance gate, Porta Messina, where the tour ends.