J.Rose in Salento: Gin Experience
25 USD
Enjoy the pure pleasure of Gin on a tour of the J.Rose laboratory in Minervino di Lecce. Learn about the label-making process and label a bottle of J.Rose.
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Practical info
Discover art and flavor at "J.Rose Gin Experience". Enjoy a fascinating tour of the laboratory that handcrafts unique labels for its bergamot flavored Gin. The allure continues when you discover that the handcrafted labels are meticulously imprinted with the renowned artist Milo Manara's iconic illustrations. Step into the artisanal realm as skilled craftsmen passionately apply the plaster by hand, the very material that forms the unique labels. Witness the enchanting process unfold as the delicate artistry is brought to life during the printing phase. Observe the manual application of these exquisite labels to the bottles, showcasing the seamless fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. The allure intensifies with the revelation of J.Rose's eight distinct labels, each holding a distinctive charm, perfect for collectors seeking extraordinary pieces of art adorning their gin bottles. The journey culminates in a delightful finale: a gin scent session of J.Rose Gin. Experience the harmonious blend of bergamot and botanicals, tantalizing your taste buds with every sip. "J.Rose Gin Experience" promises an unforgettable encounter, where artistry and flavor unite to create a truly extraordinary gin experience like no other. Unveil the secrets behind this exceptional spirit, celebrating both craftsmanship and taste in one delightful adventure.