Portovenere: Santerenzo, Lerici, & Tellaro Guided Boat Tour
130 EUR
Enjoy a guided boat tour across the Gulf dei Poeti to discover the picturesque villages of Santerenzo, Lerici, and Tellaro. Relax with 2 refreshing swim stops in the clear waters of the Ligurian Sea.
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Practical info
Enjoy a relaxing time crossing the entire Gulf dei Poeti and reach the wonderful villages of Santerenzo, Lerici and Tellaro from Portovenere in a beautiful boat. The major points of interest we will come across will be Baia Blu, the village of Santerenzo, Lerici and its incredible castle, La Caletta (swim stop), the bay of Fiascherino, the village of Tellaro and Punta Corvo. Then we will take the Palmaria (swim stop), Tino and Tinetto tour, the three islands of the Arcipelago Spezzino. Near Tinetto Island you can admire also a statue of a white "Madonnina".