La Spezia: Market Visit and Seafood Cooking Class with Lunch
153 USD
Experience the flavors of La Spezia with a ligurian cooking lesson. Visit the market to gather fresh seafood, and vegetables, and learn to cook the Ligurian way before sitting down to lunch and wine.
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Practical info
Visit the market of La Spezia and discover how to shop like a local on with this cooking lesson. Pickup up fish and regional vegetables that your chef will help you to cook the Ligurian way. Taste all the food you make paired with a bottle of wine. Meet your guide and start with a short stroll through La Spezia to the market. Select some items from the fishmongers and some seasonal items like juicy tomatoes, green asparagus, aromatic mushrooms or artichokes. After the market visit, head to the restaurant where the lesson will take place. Craft a meal of delicious seafood, vegetables gnocchi with pesto and a very famous italian dessert with the help of your host. Use local ingredients as much as possible while creating your dishes. Get step by step instructions that are easily to follow. Be surprised by the simple finesse of the dishes you prepare. Finish your experience with a lunch comprised of the food that you have created and pair your food with a bottle of local wine. Take home printed recipes that will help you re-create these meals for the people you love.