Cinque Terre: Gnocchi & Pesto cooking class with seaview
204 USD
Join a captivating cooking class in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, at a local's charming seaside home. Learn to make homemade Gnocchi and Genovese Pesto under an expert guidance.
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Practical info
Indulge in a memorable culinary adventure at a picturesque local's home in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, featuring stunning sea views. Engage in a shared cooking class where you'll learn to create homemade Gnocchi and Genovese Pesto, iconic dishes of Italian cuisine. Then, take a seat to savor your handcrafted meal, accompanied by local wines, and delight in fresh fruit or a dessert crafted by your Cesarina host. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Italy as your friendly local host reveals the secrets behind two authentic recipes. Enjoy putting your newfound cooking skills to the test at a fully-equipped workstation with all the necessary utensils and ingredients. Following the hands-on lesson, indulge in the exquisite Italian dishes you've prepared from scratch, perfectly paired with a selection of red and white local wines. Experience the joy of feasting on sumptuous food and engaging in lively conversation with a welcoming Italian family. Every host serves cherished local specialties from their family cookbooks, narrating the story of traditional regional cuisine. Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of over 1000 passionate home cooks across more than 500 cities throughout the country. These warm and hospitable hosts open the doors of their homes to curious travelers seeking immersive culinary experiences that provide an authentic and unforgettable taste of Italy. Revel in this unique opportunity to connect with locals and discover the true essence of Italian gastronomy within a charming seaside setting.