Fabbriche Casabasciana: River Trekking In Cocciglia Canyon
55 EUR
Walk, swim, climb and float between enormous rocks and crystal-clear waters in the Canyon Park. Jump into the water from a height of 26 feet.
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Practical info
Experience a fun outdoor adventure with a river trekking tour. Marvel at the limestone canyons of Cocciglia, magnificently carved into the rock. Swim along the Lima River, slide on wet surfaces, climb and hike with an instructor. The excursion takes place during summertime when Lima Creek is almost dry. Explore the upper part of this deep canyon on the best summer river activity in Tuscany. See the Lima River flow below, fed by underground springs creating windy channels, crisscrossed by eddies and whirlpools. Immerse yourself in the enchanting and untouched environment of the Lima Valley. Walk, swim and climb among polished boulders and water pools. The ending part of the trail is a huge canyon created by water over thousands of years. Take your adventure to the next level with jumps as high as 26 feet and natural water slides.