Rome: Leonardo Da Vinci Experience Entry Ticket
16 USD
Embark on a fascinating adventure to unravel the extraordinary talents of the Renaissance mastermind, Leonardo da Vinci. This prolific individual excelled in multiple fields, wearing the hats of an artist, engineer, sculptor, architect, and scientist. During this journey, you'll get to marvel at a meticulously crafted, life-sized replica of The Last Supper, the enigmatic painting that sparked controversy in Dan Brown's bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code.
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Practical info
Step into the extraordinary world of Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance mastermind who envisioned flying contraptions, mechanical robots, underwater exploration gear, and sun-powered machines centuries ahead of his time. Delve into the mind of a genius with your ticket to the Leonardo da Vinci Experience. Get up close and personal with 50 of his pioneering inventions, meticulously crafted according to his designs. Interact with Da Vinci's innovative creations, and discover how his groundbreaking ideas still influence modern technology, from excavation equipment to sewing machines, bicycles, water skis, and even the machine gun. Meander into Leonardo's dazzling Room of Mirrors, where his optical experiments paved the way for photography and projection. Snap a photo alongside his visionary helicopter or armored tank, and let your imagination soar. As an iconic artist, Da Vinci's works of art are revered globally, with many masterpieces on display in museums worldwide. The Exhibition Gallery offers a unique opportunity to marvel at 20 carefully recreated paintings, meticulously crafted by skilled Vatican Museum restoration artists. Be mesmerized by the two versions of the Virgin of the Rocks, replicas of the originals housed in the Louvre and London's National Gallery. Gaze upon the enigmatic Lady with an Ermine, a portrait that revolutionized classical portraiture.