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Venice: Medieval Guided Walking Tour
28 USD
Discover the secrets of Venice on a guided walking tour. Wander along the narrow streets and picturesque canals and hear about the city's history from an expert local guide.
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Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of medieval Venice with our walking tour. Step back in time as we guide you through the narrow streets and historic monuments that have witnessed centuries of history. The tour begins in the city center, where once a fortified castle stood instead of the majestic Ducal Palace. From here you will reach the Remedio Bridge, which offers a privileged view of the Bridge of Sighs, also known as the Bridge of Lovers, although it leads to the dark and feared prisons of the Doge. You will explore the narrow streets of Venice, and you will cross different campi and campielli. A sparkling walking tour to discover Venice and its fascinating history through the centuries. Upgrade your experience with an optional gondola ride to explore the city’s many canals from the water, as well as monuments such as the Mozart House, La Fenice Theatre, Grand Canal, and more.