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Private Aperitivo Tour and Tasting in Turin
363 USD
Enjoy a private tour to discover the beauty and taste of Turin. Follow your expert guide through the most important sites of the city as you stop for a tasty aperitivo in 3 different traditional locations in the city.
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Practical info
Aperitour is a guided tour through the places of the aperitif tradition in Turin. Along this tour you'll discover brilliant inventions such as Vermouth and walk through the main squares, experiencing the history of the city. In the two and a half hours of the walking tour, you will have the opportunity to taste three different versions of aperitif, at the same time you'll be shown a wonderful city explained through its gastronomic delights.  In between each tasting stop you will get to know the fascinating stories of the protagonists of the Piedmontese food and wine tradition! From the heart of the Roman quadrilateral to the banks of the longest river in Italy this walking route takes you to explore the festive side of Turin. In a region where meeting up is synonymous with good food and renowned dinners, this walk will allow you to appreciate the tradition of Turin aperitif.  The three tastings, in different locations, each include a drink and typical food  you can enjoy for the quality of their gastronomic offer.