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San Gimignano: Private Winery Tour, Wine & Oil Tasting
16 USD
Take a private guided experience of a family run organic winery. Immerse yourself in the Tuscan farmer's world, enjoy organic wines, fresh food and become a friend of Podere la Marronaia.
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Practical info
Podere la Marronaia is a small family-run farm in San Gimignano dedicated to the cultivation of grapes and olives with production of organic wines and extra virgin olive oils and farmhouse rentals. The story will begin in the year 2000 when Silvia and Luigi Dei, together with their young children Pietro and Corrado, bought a property called Podere la Marronaia to make of it their home and follow the dream of a new life. The old vineyards and olive yards were immediately converted into the organic method of cultivation, while a long restoring of the house began. Now the whole family works in the farm business. Pietro and Corrado grew up following the dream to continue the family tradition. In the year 2000, the production was converted into the organic ethos of cultivation and recently in 2016, following the idea of a more sustainable agriculture and the respect of the environment, the fields have been converted into biodynamic agriculture. The purpose will be to produce wines and extra virgin olive oil that are the expression of the local tradition, using authentically produced grapes and olives. The cellar and the tasting venue, Sosta Alle Colonne, is situated within walking distance from the town center of San Gimignano, surrounded by a beautiful countryside with a view of the towers and the Vernaccia vineyards. Different options will be to introduced to guests of the Tuscan farming world and local traditions. The aim is not to offer just a wine tasting, a lunch or a visit but to introduce guests to a full immersion personalized experience and share soul and passion for the land and products.