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Ravenna: Dante Alighieri's Lifetime & Landmarks Walking Tour
16 USD
Retrace the steps of Dante Alighieri in Ravenna during his last years of life. Join this tour to learn about his work, and visit his tomb and the Basilica of San Francisco, where his funeral was held.
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Ravenna is the last shelter of Dante, the father of the italian language, and it is the city that hosts his grave which is the starting point of our tour. Retrace the traces left by the Supreme Poet in Ravenna during the fourteenth century and all the following years, visiting not only his tomb, but also the Basilica of San Francesco that hosted his solemn funerals on September 13th, 1321 and walking aroud the city center to discover Dante Alighieri’s adventures in his last years, the exile, the life in the city, the death and the struggling dispute for his remains, as well as the enhancements of the sepulchre over the centuries.