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Parma: Cooking Class at a Private Villa
407 USD
Enter a stunning private villa of a local cook to enjoy a typical Italian aperitivo, learn all the tips and tricks of fresh pasta making, and savor the fruits of your labor during lunch or dinner.
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Practical info
Every successful cooking class must start with a nice aperitivo! Meet the local cook at her own villa at 10:30 am (lunch option) or at 4:30 pm (dinner option) and before getting your hands dirty sit in a gorgeous garden of the villa and enjoy some finger-food with a glass of wine while chit-chatting with your hostess. During the cooking class you will prepare two types of pasta - classical tagliatelle with tomato and basil and tortelli d’erbetta, traditional pasta with a filling of ricotta cheese, spinach and Parmigiano Reggiano, a must-try in Parma. You will be hands-on for the entire cooking class. Observe the cook at work and learn how to prepare fresh egg pasta from the scratch. Listen to the cook’s tips and have fun learning all the secrets of Parma cuisine! In a nice setting of the villa, sit at a table together with your cook and savor your meal matched with some excellent local wine. Round off the experience with a homemade cake and a good coffee. Your cooking class ends at 2:30 pm (lunch option) or 8:30 pm (dinner option)