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La Spezia: 2.5-Hour Private Walking Tour w/ a Local Guide
130 USD
On this walking tour, you'll explore the pretty city of of La Spezia. Home to Italy's largest naval base, the winding streets of its old town are atmospheric and there's plenty of cosy trattorias and little shops showcasing the Ligurian taste at its best.
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Join this private walking tour led by a local guide to discover the beautiful city of La Spezia. Situated minutes to the east of Cinque Terre by train, this hard-working port town is routinely overlooked. But La Spezia is definitely worth a visit: it's home to Italy's largest naval base, the winding streets of the old town are really particular and there's plenty of cosy trattorias, restaurants, coffee shops and little places showcasing the Ligurian table and taste at its best. La Spezia is at the same time an ancient and a modern city, historically marked by the seafaring vocation. During this 2.5-hour guided tour, you will have the chance to see the most important and beautiful spots and attractions in the city, such as the Castle of St. George, the picturesque Piazzetta del Bastione and the Cathedral of Cristo Re.  Walk along the beautiful "Passeggiata Costantino Morin" and enjoy the relaxing view on the green spaces, the harbor and the sea. Don't forget that La Spezia is also home to some important and famous museums, such as the Technical Naval Museum of the Navy (Museo Tecnico Navale della Marina Militare) and the Museum of Amedeo Lia, with their extraordinary collections. Stroll through the old town's typical alleys, admire the colored houses and the beautiful square all around you, like the Liberty-style Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi. Just one tip: don't forget to bring your camera with you.