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Michele Colloca

Michele Colloca

I was just six years old when my parents brought me to Florence... and it was love at first sight!This has continued to be the case whilst studying, working and travelling around the world. Wherever I have been, the attraction of Florence has drawn me back, time after time like a magnet whose force I am powerless to resist.Each visit unfolded more of its treasures to explore and discover, from the obvious beauty and architecture of the city, its many wonderful diversity of churches, museums and to learn more of its rich and fascinating history, not to mention the delicious food and wine and specialities of Tuscany!Finally I surrendered and came to live here some ten years ago.Now that I am an "adopted Florentine", my life and work has become sharing its riches and guiding the curious and discerning visitor to discover and share the secrets and wonders it continually reveals.My enthusiasm is boundless and I feel truly privileged to call this magnificent city MY HOME.So, if you are looking for a deep and meaningful experience I would be delighted to guide you and share it with you.Whatever your particular interest may be, I promise to uncover it for you here in magical Florence. I invite you to join me and allow you to judge for yourself!