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Freya Middleton

Freya Middleton

My name is Freya Middleton. I am Australian & have been living in Italy for the past twelve years & work as a licensed tour guide of Florence. I went to Florence on a post graduate research scholarship after my degree in Art history & never left. I find Italy to be one of the most seductive countries in the world; it is attractive in so many ways & appeals to all the senses & the mind. I will bring Florence alive for you. You will be transported to the Golden Age when the city was the undisputed leader in wealth, splendour & power as exemplified by the art & the architecture of the great families & the republic that ruled the world & made man once more the centre of the universe. Modern Florentine life co-exists with the past & my aim is to expose you to both the romantic ideal & the raw Italian' bella vita' that draws us to Italy time & time again.