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Ana Elsa Romero

Ana Elsa Romero

I am Mexican, I have been living in Italy for the past twenty years and work as a licensed tour guide of Florence, Pisa & Lucca. I came to Tuscany on holidays and never left.I live in Lucca because I really love this city, where breathing the atmosphere of yester years is still possible. Its small streets, the nearly hidden squares, the tower houses, and numerous churches with their different styles, the noble buildings that remind us of the rich and glorious past of a town of silk merchants. And what to say about the wonderful renaissance walls. A unique example in Italy, it is possible to walk on top of them for their entire length of 4.195 meters, or ride a bike, the beloved means of transport of the strong local hard working population.It is a city to discover, and for doing so you certainly need the services of a competent guide, that can accompany you in this magical adventure, by offering different and alternative itineraries! And if time is on your side, what would you say to discover also the province, and its hidden treasures?What to say about Florence, I find it to be one of the most seductive places in the world; it is attractive in so many ways and appeals to all the senses.