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Genoa: 2.5-Hour Private Guided Tour of Music Traditions
210 USD
Through this 2.5-hour private tour led by a local guide, you will discover the historic center of Genoa through the places, squares and the palaces that relate to the great musicians who have visited and lived in the city.
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Explore Genoa from a different perspective - your expert local guide will take you through a fascinating itinerary to discover the places that represent the great music tradition of the city together with the famous characters who have visited and lived there. Starting from the renovated old harbor, you will walk to Piazza Banchi, the site where the great musician and composer Alessandro Stradella was murdered for love affairs. The tour will then continue until you reach Piazza Campetto, where you can spot the historical coffee "Klainguti," attended by the famous Giuseppe Verdi. Admire the beautiful Ducal Palace while you walk to reach Galleria Mazzini - this is where the artists and intellectuals of Genoa used to meet until the beginning of the 20th-century. The visit will continue towards Via Garibaldi, one of the most monumental streets of the city, loved by famous musicians, most of all the great Wagner. Just one tip: you might want to bring your camera along.